Torneo Internacional de Pesca (periódico La Regata, agosto 2014)!!

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Historic IBT with 145 releases in 2013!!

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61TH International billfish RESULTS

Will be posted here as they happen. September 3-9, 2014.


Blue marlin certainly showed up in mass to celebrate Club Nautico de San Juan’s 60th International Billfish Tournament (IBT) in 2013. A fleet of 46 boats, with 176 anglers representing eight countries, released an incredible 145 blue marlin in four days of fishing.


Lovers of aquatic recreation and fraternal competition have been travelling from around the world to participate in the San Juan International Billfish Tournament.This invitational & classy nautical event attractsdeep-sea fishing experienced anglers and boats for a week-long tournament, including 4 fishing days and wonderful parties.



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