For half a century now, big-game aglers have come from around the world to participate in the San Juan International Billfish Tournament. This invitational and classy nautical event attracts deep-sea fishing experienced anglers and boats for a week-long tournament, including four fishing days and wonderful parties.

Our Tournament follows all IGFA conservation procedures, including the tag and release format, 50 lb. Tournament Test Line, circle hooks, among others. For more information regarding the Tournament Rules and points to be awarded, click on Rules.

Around the world, the International is recognized for the abundance of blue marlin just 20 minutes off the North coast of San Juan; its fabulous and classy prizes; the most exclusive visiting group of anglers from the world; four days of extraordinary fishing; and last but not least, the excellence and hospitality of its people that has set this world-class event apart from the rest.

Since deep waters surround Puerto Rico, it is highly possible to find a majestic blue somewhere around the Island’s shores, although high season is on July, August and September, near full moon periods. In fact, Puerto Rico has achieved a worldwide place between the game fishing connoisseurs. They recognize the Island’s potential, specially on the “Billfish Pass”, better known a “Blue Marlin Alley”, a natural geological trench about a mile and a half off the North coast of San Juan, and where at deeps of only 100 fathoms a blue marlin can be caught. For the most experienced anglers, Puerto Rico is a paradise for blue marlin fishing because when they talk about catching a big specimen, it is one of the best choices. Puerto Rico is one of the best options for marlin of more than 500 pounds and even for 1,000 granders. In August 2000, a 1,086 lb. blue marlin was hooked in 130 lb. line by Roger Medlock from South Carolina, off the coast of San Juan.

Not many ports in the world can offer this ambitious dream. Furthermore, Puerto Rico has been a leader on blue marlin preservation and is the Caribbean country that has contributed more with these species research.

T&R Format
As leaders of marine conservation, the International Billfish Tournament of Club Náutico de San Juan was the first institution, worldwide, to establish today’s sports fishing standard: the tag and release format for small Blue Marlin, even before the United States of America made it compulsory in 1988. Since 2003 the International Billfish Tournament is an All Release Tournament.

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We rock!! Trendy parties and tons of anglers in our billfish tournament back in 1965 …as we do today!!